I studied Fine Art at Edinburgh University and the Royal College of Art.  My light sculpture was part of Northern Lights,  a group show at the Fruitmarket Gallery in 1997 with a centre piece by James Turrell.

My more recent work is about light and its movement outdoors, across the sky and the landscape, with one 16mm film distributed internationally by LUX in 2007. I was awarded an Artist International Development  Award by Arts Council England in 2017 to make a short film of the landscape in North Western Russia where Mikhail Prishvin’s traveled in 1907, and commission a translation of the author’s descriptions of the forests, lakes and the midnight sun in Za vol’shebnym kolobko. The first exhibition of the film was accompanied by a reading of the text by actors Evgeny Goman and Xenia Mari in the Murmansk House of the Actor (Union of Theatre Figures), STR




2017 Artist International Development Fund 

2005 London Artist Film &  Video Award  

1994 Royal College Art Kyoto Geidai bursary

1991 Jonathan Kinross Scholarship  




2001 Wellcome Trust Sciart Awards







51st London Film Festival Experimenta Program


Edgewhere Riverside

On the Edgware Road

Northern Lights 


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